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January 3, 2021

Favorites of 2020

Kicking off the new year with your top picks of 2020! Thank you all for your support, and excited to continue the journey.

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Our Master Bathroom renovation

Master bath reno: An unexpected leak in our master bathroom turned into a blessing disguise.

Aruba: Growing up in Aruba was a dream, and for our honeymoon, we went back so I could share it with my husband.  Bonbini to the beach!

Lemon Sourdough Sticky Buns - gotta keep that pandemic sourdough starter going?  These delicate lemon buns will be perfect for your next brunch

Meet me at Magnolia - just before the pandemic hit, we took another trip to Waco to do all things Magnolia.  

Lemon Lavender pound cake - this pound cake is the perfect comfort food, filled with the refreshing scents of lemon and lavender.

Challah - one of my pandemic hobbies I took up was learning more about baking one of my favorite things - bread!  

A peart tart pie on display

Babka - and speaking of homemade breads, we’ve become addicted with making smore’s, cinnamon, and strawberry cream cheese babka, too (challah and babka leftovers also make for phenomenal french toast!)

Rosemary Sourdough - My husband has declared we never need to buy bread again since I started making this homemade rosemary sourdough recipe.  I hope your family loves it, too!

Linzer Christmas Cookies - these delicate festive cookies light up your Christmas table and are perfect for cookie exchanges or gift baskets!

I hope you enjoy these posts and would love to hear from you.  What was your favorite post last year?


Magnolia Silo in Waco Texas
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