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January 12, 2021

Daisy Jones & The Six

This amazing book takes you on a wild ride and the follow up amazon series promises that it won't let you down easy.

8 min read

Love the 60's and 70's? Ever wondered what went on behind the scenes of rock groups trying to make it? What fuled their meteoric rise or precipitated their sudden demise? Then you'll love the ride on which Daisy Jones and the Six takes you.

The novel centers around one such story as it seeks to understand how the legendary band Daisy Jones and the Six came to be and  dispel the lingering mystery surrounding the band’s sudden break-up. Fans were thrilled when Daisy Jones and the Six rocketed to the top of the charts in the seventies, but what lead to the band’s sudden split mystified everyone.  Decades later,  through a series of interviews with the band members, you’ll begin to understand the fateful events that shaped the rise and fall of the iconic rock group. Told from multiple perspectives, this character driven novel brings the grittier side of stardom and the toll of life on the road to life, and you won’t be able to put it down.

Daisy Jones and the Six provides a roller coaster ride for readers and a perfect setting for a book club party.  If your book club is hosting a Daisy Jones and the .Six party, here are a few ideas that might inspire the night. Note: Some of the discussion questions may contain spoilers.  And, if you are an Audible fan, the  acting in the audio version of this book is phenomenal with performances by  Jennifer Beals,  Pablo Schreiber, Benjamin Bratt, Fred Berman, Ari Fliakos,  Judy Greer, January LaVoy, and Robinne Lee.

THEME: 60s and 70s Rock ‘N Roll

Boho table setting with gold flatware, romantic table runner, and daisy and music sheet napkin styling

DRESS & DE:COR: Groove on into the theme by inviting guests to don their vintage best - bell bottoms, peasant blouses, and flowers in their hair.  Have the best of the 60s and 70s on Spotify throughout the night, or better yet, break out a record player and some vinyl.

Give your gathering area a boho chic vibe with  cheesecloth or macrame table linens, vases of pampas grass and daisies, and candles..  If going formal, add daisies and rolls of music sheets in your place settings.  If casual, scatter boho pillows, blankets and puffs around the room for a quiet coze.


  • Rainbow sprinkle cupcakes
  • Charcuterie board of nuts, fruits, and granola with a few ‘cheese and meat on a stick’ skewers for good measure
  • Cookies decorated like records with Daisy Jones and the Six on the label
  • Fondue
  • Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
  • Mini jello molds or layered rainbow shooters
Daisy Jones and the Six book with candle and daisies in cozy spot


  • Do you think the Six would have become famous without Daisy? Would Billy haven’t written as well?
  • What do you think the interview format added (or detracted from) the storytelling?
  • How do your think Daisy, Billy and Graham’s parents shaped who they became? Or did they?
  • Would you have responded the way Camila did during the tumult of the rise and fall of the band?
  • Which women did you admire most - Daisy or Camila? Who did you relate to more?
  • How do you think having siblings and significant others in the band and on the road affected the band?
  • What is your favorite quote from the book? What did it say to you?
  • Did you realize who the interviewer was before it was revealed?  How did that reveal change the story?
  • Do you think Billy should see Daisy now that Camila is gone?

I hope you and your book club enjoyed the book as much as we did.

Happy reading.


Daisy Jones and the six book with themed accents