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Born in the States, I grew up abroad and consider Aruba my ‘hometown’.  My story is an amalgam of southern charm and wanderlust, heavily influenced by faith, generations of Carolinian matriarchs, a father who taught us to explore the world, and my partner in crime, my husband, who inspires me with his heart for people and for life, and who’s favorite exclamation is ‘Adventuring!’ - a tag line we live out loud.

This is a lifestyle blog about a few of our favorite things: food, fashion, art, travel, entertaining, and above all, fun.  Although a master of none, I enjoy dabbling at all.  For me, it’s about celebrating the simple things - the scents and shades of a brilliant bouquet, the rich aroma of a meal made to share, and the warmth of friends and family catching up around a table - sprinkled with moments of ridiculous whimsy like donning fanciful hats for the Derby or spending the night at a haunted B&B (of which we’ve done both…more than once!).  After all, it’s about living life in full.

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Meet My Family

Meet the guys in my life - my husband, Ian, and the less furry one, our pup, Whiskey. Ian is a creative consultant, with an amazing eye, knack for operations, and a wild proclivity for shenanigans. He believes in the philosophy of “yes, and” and incorrigibly encourages me to do the same. From hot air balloons and bungee jumping to Easter Island and experimental new recipes, he's my companion, champion and chief guinea pig.

Our Goldendoodle shares the shenanigan streak. At 70 pounds, Whiskey is an affectionate lap baby who is wholly unaware of his size and is always up for an adventure…especially if food is involved.

What I Believe

I believe in God.
I believe in loving others...and yourself.
I believe in being the best version of yourself….and accepting we’re all imperfect.
I believe in exploring, whether traveling to a new place, reading a good book, mixing up the menu, or listening to a grandparent’s reminisces
I believe in laughter, and cupcakes, and the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven
I believe in warm kitchens, shared memories, and family gathered around the table

And like Audrey Hepburn, I believe happy girls are the prettiest

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The best way to reach out to me is through my contact form, but I can be found on instagram and facebook as well. Drop me a line!

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