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August 3, 2020

Sweet Journey

Staying connected in quarantine is so important to a healthy relationship. Here are a few fun ideas.

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I love that my husband and I make time for date night. So many of the couples who inspire us have shown us the importance of courting and making each other laugh each day. That's been more challenging during the pandemic, but with a little ingenuity & resilience we've made it happen, and I love him even more for the experience. We are all learning more about ourselves and our quarantine companions during these interesting times. When I said I so, I didn't plan on pandemic. While I knew I was incredibly blessed to be marrying this kind, creative, committed man, i didn't know we'd face a global emergency together... but I should have guessed he'd manage to make it a spectacular journey despite it all.

Plum Beach AirBnB
Plum Beach Airbnb

Going on month 5 in a socially distant world, it’s easy to fall prey to self-pity and outright boredom.  To chase away ennui and mitigate the mundane, here are some of the things we’ve tried to spice things up, refresh the soul, and sweeten this strange journey we’re on:

Mini- Vacation - while case levels limit travel, there are some fun ways to safely see the world in a socially distant way.  We love Airbnb, and several of our friends have rented RVs, cabins, or beach houses far from the madding crowds.  Depending on your locaiton, Florida or Maine make gorgeous options, but if that’s too far to travel, check out this dreamy rental in Galveston, Plum Beachy Airbnb.  I feel more serene just looking at it.

Cinema Pop-Up Drive-in - we are huge fans of watching movies on a big screen or sheet in the back yard or visiting The Galaxy or Coyote Drive-Ins, but we recently discovered Cinema Pop-Up making the rounds of the pandemic circuit.  Through August, you can attend pop-up drive-ins around the state, including one located at The Star in Frisco.  Cars must park in every other spot to allow physical distance and you can order drive-in specials for pick-up from some of the local restaurants, including Tupelo Honey, The Common Table, and Wahlburgers.  (Pro-tips: We ordered from one of our faves, Tupelo Honey - chicken, 2 sides, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits with blueberry compote and dessert!  Highly recommend - and I also recommend their cookbooks.  To fight the Texas summer weather, we also glamped out in the truckbed lining it with layers of fluffy blankets and pillows, and a fan, insect repellent and bose speaker all powered by a DeWalt battery amp with usb outlets for our phones - not hardly roughing it.)

Homemade dumplings

Online Cooking Class - Sur La Table is now offering online classes.  Class prices are per household so the whole family can join in, but note ingredients are not included in the ticket price.  We tried the Chinese Take-Out class, and while there was a fair amount of pre-prep, we had a ball making homemade dumplings (Pro-tips - if there is a 99 Ranch near you, it’s your one stop shop for ingredients for this class.  We may have placed our bamboo steamer on our instapot for faster steaming!).

Picnics & Forts - simple things are often the best things, and summer picnics and blanket forts are at the top of that list.  Pack a basket, grab a buffalo checked blanket, and find an unpopulated stretch of grass at a nearby park, or your own backyard, for a little repast al fresco.  Or build a blanket fort and hang twinkle lights for a great ‘glamp out’ inside or out.  Order curbside or pick-up at one of your favorite dinner spots for a romantic touch (and to support local business)

Hot Air Balloons - We had a ball in a hot air balloon ride last year. While we can’t do it again at the moment, we’re definitely excited to check out the drive-thru balloon glow in Frisco!

These are just a few simple ideas.  The sky and your imagination are the limit to the magic you can create for you and your loved ones, despite the circumstances.  However you are spending your time, I pray you take a breath, cherish the moment, and make it count.  

Wishing you and your family safe and joyful memories to look back on for years to come.


What  a long sweet trip it's been.