On The Road
June 3, 2022

Blooming Bonnet High Tea

Join me as we visit a wonderful tea cafe in Old Town Spring.

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“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”


A view out the window

There is something about tea that calms, warms, and excites all at once.  I’m a little obsessed with high tea.  Ok, a lot obsessed.  We grew up taking tea, and recently, I had the chance to take my 2 year old niece to her first tea house.  She was so excited, dressing in her pink Easter dress, pale pink gloves and hat, and bedecked in her best dress-up jewelry.  

When we arrived, the patrons and staff alike oooohed over their youngest customer, and her big blue eyes took stock of the scene, observing everything – the pale blue walls, the pastel teacups, and all the ladies in their finery.  Shy at first, her face when they brought out the tea tray lit up, her hands reaching out, her little body too excited for words – all the could do was point at the scones and macarons and then point at her plate!


Lavender cookies on a table

The entire afternoon was magical.  Sun dappled the tea house cottage, jam covered my niece’s cheeks, and my sister and I savored the memories we were making. We were also fortunate to be able to give back, as the tea house we visited, The Tea Kettle Café located in Old Town Spring, is a non-profit.  A selection of teas on their menu, including the delicious Blooming Bonnet tea I had (you know I’m a sucker for anything ‘blooming’ or lavender and this tea had both) are designated to provide a portion of proceeds to the non-profit work supporting survivors of human trafficking. The staff were wonderful, the tea treats sublime, and the tea brew exceptional with hints of lavender and Earl Grey.  I highly recommend a visit!  If you won’t be in Houston soon, you can also order tea supporting the non-profit through Tea Spectral (look for the brews supporting The Tea Kettle Café).

If you are looking to serve tea at home, check out the recipes from my In the Kitchen section, including blackberry and peach scones, bourbon or lemon lavender shortbread, and more.

Wishing you magical moments with those you love.