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January 7, 2020

Fleastylin' with Heirloom Haul

Recently, I stopped by a newly opened vintage, flea market-styled retail and what a fun find!

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You know when you step into a space and feel light and airy and a little excited about what you might discover?  Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I crossed the threshold of Flea Style - a tremulous thrill of anticipation accompanied, paradoxically, by a sense of  refreshing relaxation.  Peering across the eclectic treasure trove of unique finds, I knew I was in for an enjoyable afternoon, and I wasn’t disappointed. I hope (and expect) to hear soon that it’s a new up and coming haute spot in Frisco for foodies and fashionistas alike.  If you like one-of-a-kind vintage or boho pieces, and enjoy a cozy cafe, you should definitely check out Flea Style, and the pretty and stylish cafe, Heirloom Haul, located inside.

Heriloom Haul goods on display at store
Heriloom Haul jewlery

With high ceilings, beautifully appointed vintage doors, and stunning chandeliers set off by an abundance of natural light, the overall aesthetic is breezy and welcoming, imbuing you with creative energy. The retail space offers jewelry, clothing, art, and giftables from over 100 vendors, many local makers, and even includes a studio/event space available for rent.  I could definitely see myself creating here, or hosting a gorgeous shower or book club event, and I suspect I’ll be back to simply enjoy a latte and the vibe while I blog.

Heirloom Haul sage and pillows

I have a soft spot for vintage clothing.  While not everything I wear, I enjoy mixing in classic or funky pieces to pop an outfit or make a statement.  I also love that some of the items in Flea Style bear the GAIA label, a fashion line created to empower refugee women. So, of course, I walked out with a few purchases.

I also took time to be still and enjoy the space while sipping a lovely Lavender Latte at Heirloom Haul.  With it’s whimsical retro camper, crystal chandeliers, and bright atmosphere, I didn’t want to leave, and neither did the groups of ladies I saw seated around the counter cafe.

And as much as I was loving the feel of the place already, it’s what I saw in the cafe that put it over the top.  The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, even happily acqueiscing when I asked if I could order half a sandwich of the turkey and brie and half of the chicken salad (I was just curious because they both sounded so good.! I fully expected the answer to be ‘no’ but thought I’d take the chance).  But the final touch was when I offered to take a photo for what I assumed to be a group of mothers and daughters out for a girls day.  As I was taking their photo in front of the camper, another woman stepped in and, assuming I was part of the group, offered to take the photo so I could be in it.  I later learned this thoughtful patron was actually the owner of the store, Brittany Cobb.  Humble, committed, kind - that’s the impression she left, mirroring the space she had created, and I was struck by the authenticity.

Heirloom Haul Coffee Shop

So, if you are in the Frisco area, check out Flea Style, or it’s sister location in Deep Ellum.  I highly recommend!! (And don’t forget a Lavender Latte! Delish.) Good things really do happen here.


Heriloom Haul store interior