From The Heart
September 23, 2019


Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks for taking a peek at the blog.  My hope for this site is to share a little about myself and the world around me that inspires and brings a little joy to the everyday - from favorite travel spots to book club must-reads, art exhibits to hot air balloon rides, recipes to runways, and Gilmore Girls to Downton Abbey - I hope you’ll find a little something that sparkles and intrigues you, too.

I am not a professional party planner, designer, or editor. I work in a small corporate office and am blessed with a wonderful husband who humors my flights of fancy, sometimes instigating them and always cheering them on.  These posts capture some of our escapades and topics that excite and light me up. I hope to share these simple pleasures and perhaps pass along the same joy.

We enjoy celebrating life, whether hosting a good party, replete with gorgeous decorations, tablescapes and platter boards (don’t get my husband started on my obsession with servingware) or baking delicious food to feed people for days (it’s a Southern thing).  We have a passion for traveling and experiencing new things, abroad or in our own backyard, and enjoy a good adventure.  I love any excuse to throw a soiree, dress up, or don a big hat (can you say Derby, ya’ll?) and appreciate a good book that makes me want to tell everyone about it, laugh out loud, or change the world, or at least my little part of it.  If any of these things resonate with you, then...

Welcome to our life in bloom!


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